Scientists Sheldon and Leonard are convinced that everything that happens in the world can be explained with the help of the laws of physics. The ingenious mind, non-standard thinking, scientific logic have long become their “business cards.” But the talent of communication, friendliness, compassion and understanding as a formula can not be learned. It’s even harder to find a common language with girls … But as soon as our heroes, having taken with them a couple of similar friends, start to deal with this, their lives are changing dramatically.

Cast: Johnny Galaki, Jim Parsons, Kayely Kuoko, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayhem Bialik, Melissa Raush, Carol Ann Suzy, Kevin Sussman, Artie Mann, Brian George, Alice Emter, Sarah Gilbert, John Ross Bowie, Will Wheaton, Lori Metcalf, Verney Watson-Johnson, Kristin Baranski, Joshua Malina, Casey Sander, Cathy Leclerc

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