Year of release of a disk: 2002-2012
Genre: OST
Disc Manufacturer: Japan
Audio codec: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 160-320 kbps
Number of albums: 95 albums, including the singles.

Anime Naruto coming to its logical conclusion, but it does not mean that people will not be interested in different kinds of media components thereof. So we present to you the hand that contains all the soundtracks from the same anime, there sounded from 2002 to 2012.


2003.06.25 Initial D Special Stage Original Soundtracks 024,215

2004.03.10 Initial D Arcade Stage Sega Original Tracks 011 210

2004.03.10 Initial D Special Stage Sega Original Tracks 004 553

2004.09.29 Initial D 4th Stage Sound Files 004711

2004.11.17 Initial D 4th Stage D Selection 011651

2005.03.09 Initial D Best Song Collection 1998-2004 030 802

2005.09.14 Initial D The Movie Sound Tune 005,350

2005.09.28 Initial D 4th Stage D Selection 2 010 805

2005.11.30 Initial D 4th Stage Sound Files 2 004 026

2006.01.25 Initial D 4th Stage D Non-Stop Selection 011218

2006.02.20 Initial D Street Stage Unofficial 011,550

2006.03.29 Initial D Absolute Album feat. Takumi Fujiwara 011,325

2006.09.27 Initial D 4th Stage D Selection 3 010 857

2006.11.29 Initial D Absolute Album feat. Keisuke Takahashi 010,855

2006.12.13 Initial D 4th Stage Super Euro-Best 010 942

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